August 11, 2017

   With regards to our materials and processes, we believe in disturbing the environment as little as possible. We craft with wood because we find raw beauty in nature, but we also respect the environment and take the preservation of the planet into consideration with every part of our creative process.

   In creating our products, we make use of salvaged and reclaimed wood. Here in Louisiana, fallen trees are common in nature’s circle of life, and we take advantage of this, not only to deliver you a product as close from nature-to-home as possible, but also to help remove the  environmental disturbance that fallen trees can cause in many animals’ habitats. We use only fresh, non-treated wood to reduce the use of chemicals, and we want our products to bring the inspiration and vibes of nature into your home in the most eco-friendly way possible.

   Our home studio utilizes space we already had available and is 100% paperless to reduce our carbon footprint. Of course, we stain and paint some products, and our process does require the use of power tools and electricity, but there is no such thing as wasted wood in our studio! Scrap pieces from projects are made into coasters, ornaments and other small gifts.

   Here at The Sawmill Studio, we believe in being green and that anything helps. We still wear deodorant, and we haven’t traded our cars for bikes, and we’re still learning how to be best friends with the environment, but we make it a priority because we care and we know that even the smallest efforts multiply into big effects!